A Service-Minded Approach

At Peer Consulting, we promote collaboration and communication within the IT team, and with clinicians, department leaders, executives and the end-user community. We also pay special attention to the cultural and organizational differences between clients and vendors to ensure smooth interaction throughout the implementation process.

Peer Consulting services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Large or small, simple or complex, we will work closely with you to define your project’s objectives and identify the resources necessary to achieve the desired results.

Executive Advisory Services

High-Impact Management Consulting

Implementing a healthcare information system has significant impacts across your organization. You need strong leadership to champion the project across disciplines, and prepare clinicians and staff for a successful deployment.

  • Perform IT industry research and strategic planning to set a solid foundation for your project
  • Ensure that your IT strategy supports evolving federal standards
  • Lead the system selection process and manage vendor contract negotiations
  • Help you prepare for workflow changes, guiding change management initiatives in clinical, administrative and revenue cycle departments
  • Share product knowledge and leadership expertise
  • Understand team roles and dynamics, enabling clear communication with everyone on your IT team – from the CIO to the application analyst
  • Act as an intermediary with your software suppliers, ensuring appropriate support
  • Assure that your project stays on course with organizational expectations and advances clinical and business goals

Meaningful Use Services

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) presents significant opportunities for hospitals and healthcare providers not only with incentive funding for IT, but also to truly achieve dramatic improvements in patient care safety and quality. Peer Consulting guides clients in preparing for and realizing the opportunities of Meaningful Use (MU), while planning strategically and sustainably for the future.

Our services include:

  • Rapid Operations Assessment and MU / IT Alignment Roadmap

    We will develop a patient care operations plan to ensure that performance improvement goals and strategies are aligned with your IT deployment schedule and MU incentive funding plan.
  • Meaningful Use, Legal Health Record,
    & ARRA Education Session (s)

    Our Peer Consultants are current with ARRA laws, rules and regulations making them the HITECH, HIPAA privacy & MU experts for EHR incentive dollars. Our customized education sessions are designed to ensure that your executives and management have the knowledge and information necessary to successfully execute the MU and HITECH Strategies.
  • MU Attestation Plan and Product Certification

    We will determine a plan for certification and testing of any EHR modules, including functionality, technology integration, data exchange, reporting of quality measures, immunizations, surveillance, as well as production of electronic copies of patient medical records.
  • Application Implementation Support

    Throughout the execution of the MU plan, many of our clients find that additional resources and/or skilled technical staff are needed to assist with the implementation of the products and versions / releases that comprise the EHR Modules. These activities may also occur in parallel with certification testing and submission for ‘Certified EHR’ approval.
  • MU Reporting Period Support and Attestation Application

    We can provide project management and operations guidance for the relevant reporting period of Meaningful Use. Peer Consulting staff can assist throughout the entire process including interfacing with appropriate governmental agencies (both Federal and State).
We are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with a blend of health information management, ARRA and HITECH regulation, healthcare operations and information technology experienced professionals, bringing a clinical process and performance improvement perspective to our client engagements. Our Meaningful Use project team is experienced in assessing and developing strategies to enhance the people, process and technology challenges associated with the effective use of clinical systems. Our panel of senior operations experts includes HIM, Nursing, Pharmacy and Physician resources with extensive administration, management, academic and executive level consulting credentials.

Clinician Adoption

Adopt...Advance...Enhance   Peer’s HCIT Adoption and Optimization Methodology

You have invested in the most current certified technology, but has the focus on achieving Meaningful Use stages kept your clinicians from using your EHR meaningfully?  Peer Consulting can help you assess and address not only the challenges that may be keeping your clinicians from adopting your EHR, but also your organization’s readiness and ability to continually advance and enhance care through technology. 


Designed through in-depth client conversations, industry research, discussions with HCIT leaders and our personal, varied experience with client engagements, the program will help you fully realize your EHR’s benefits by integrating and enabling people, processes and technology.  We will leave you with a program you can continually use to adopt, enhance and advance technology that supports The Healthcare Triple Aim, while improving your clinicians’ satisfaction and experience. 


  • The program’s methodology is structured around key operational areas:  Physicians, Nursing, Pharmacy, Revenue Cycle and Information Services and is organized using a recognizable clinical cycle, assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent
  • Our experienced team of physicians, clinicians and technology leaders will address each operational area’s specific processes against “effectiveness traits” which we have developed addressing the three pillars of the program: people, processes and technology
  • Our flexible and comprehensive program addresses industry level goals, such as Meaningful Use, regulatory requirements, Triple Aim and/or operational level integration issues
  • We will leave you with a program and methodology that you can use to continually adopt, advance and enhance your use of healthcare technology

Adoption and Optimization Services Overview

Comprehensive Security Services

For many healthcare executives, keeping electronic data secure is often viewed as complex, difficult and expensive. Peer Consulting can simplify your security requirements and help you manage your information security and privacy risks in a cost conscious way while still meeting the wide ranging regulatory requirements that govern health care delivery. These can include HIPAA and FDA requirements, The Joint Commission rules, and medical research constraints. Our services include:

  • Data Governance Solutions: System architecture designed to deliver better and safer patient care
  • Meaningful Use Security Risk Assessments: Achieve Meaningful Use and understand your organization’s security vulnerabilities
  • Compliance Audits: Understand how your organization meets the requirements of HIPAA, HITECH, state laws, or a third party’s requirements, and develop a way to meet them
  • Security Staffing: Augment your team with our experienced, knowledgeable professionals. We have experience at all levels in IT, from engineer to Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
  • Training: Creating programs that are easy to implement, manage and measure
  • Resource Optimization: Identify redundancies and waste in your department
  • Penetration Testing: Determine how perpetrators will attack your organization and how to hacker-proof your infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: Be prepared for the worst and continue your business through any adverse event, minimizing the impact on your operations. Design a disaster plan that optimizes your organization’s resiliency after an attack.
  • Incident Response: You’ve been hacked. Understand what happened, who was impacted, your legal requirements to notify, and ensure that it never happens again.
  • Security Systems Implementation: Implement new security tools to better manage your risk, understand your network, or protect your information
  • Project Management: Project risk can be as damaging as any attacker. Our team can help you deliver projects on time and under budget, and without creating new problems.

Security Services Overview

Implementation Services

Comprehensive System Implementation

Peer consultants share their expertise throughout the implementation process to ensure your staff has the proficiencies to complete your project on time and on budget, and to support your system in the future. Our custom-built implementation tools automate key implementation tasks, resulting in a more efficient utilization of your resources.

  • Gap analysis to define a path between current and future workflow and system design to meet clinical and business needs
  • System design and build, including customized screen and master file development, report development, and system parameter definition
  • Integrated testing design and management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Vendor issue management
  • Training plan development and rollout
  • Activation planning and support
  • Post-activation reviews and audits
  • Utilization and staff training of best practices/methodologies

Project Managment

Adept Project Management

Peer Consulting provides project leadership for the implementation of departmental applications or full enterprise-wide systems. From conception to completion, our strong project management skills help assure a streamlined, timely, cost-effective implementation.

  • Strategic and operational IT planning
  • Comprehensive project management and oversight
  • End-to-end system implementation, including integration with existing systems and interface development
  • Development and delivery of technical and application training
  • Activation planning and execution

Technical Expertise

While many projects require strategic thinking and leadership, others require technical expertise. Peer Consulting can provide programming assistance to support legacy systems, and coding for new system implementations. We share our know-how with your project team as a byproduct of our work for optimum knowledge transfer.

  • Utilizing industry-leading tools for data conversions
  • Disaster planning and uptime optimization
  • New system and upgrade conversion analysis and support
  • Legacy data analysis and pre-conversion data cleansing
  • Post-conversion error resolution and reconciliation
  • Developing and implementing clinical decision support rules consistent with federal standards and evidence-based practice